About Us

We are a US based company with a few websites.

Our news websites are primarily intended for those in the US and also outside of India. One can expect all the important news related to the Indians in the US.

We carry latest news from India too. Our aim is to provide the important news to them, in a nutshell. We may not carry all news in depth, but will carry those news items that are relevant to have a basic information about India for the pravasi.

The features carry opinions from many quarters.
The films section has the latest news.
News, both in English and Malayalam, is constantly updated.

ഇ-മലയാളി സപ്പോര്‍ട്ട് ക്ലബ്

Editorial Board
George Thumpayil: Senior Editor
Jose Kadapuram: Executive Editor
Francis Thadathil: News Editor
Meenu Elizabeth: Features Editor
Prince Markose: (Assistant Editor)
Vincent Emmanuel: Associate Editor (Philadelphia)
Sholy Kumpiluveli: Associate Editor (New York)
Saji Karimpannoor (Associate Editor-Florida)
Marketing Manager: Leela Maret
M.P. Sheela: Assistant Editor/Marketing Manager
Kurian Pampadi: Editor
P.S. Joseph: Senior Editor
Anil Pennukkara: Features Editor
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